We absolutely love film and literature.

After a visit to the library book sale, I picked up a well-loved copy of Schneider’s 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die. My wife and I decided to start a blog and knock off each of the 1001 films and write about them.

This is our blog.

We own the FIRST EDITION, but we are also using the list available at THIS LINK to include and renumber the films that are in newer editions. Furthermore, our list is available at THIS LINK in terms of our progress and what dates we watched what.



My favorite film of all time is Harold and Maude, but I also love the films of the Cohen Brothers, Wes Anderson, Charlie Kauffman, Spike Jonze, and many classic films.

I am looking forward to watching a lot of films in this collection – especially some of these classics I have never seen including Intolerance, Frankenstein, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, and others that have been on my list that I just never got around to seeing. I am also looking forward to watching some of my favorites over again, and really looking forward to many on the list that are foreign works that I have never heard anything about.

Here is to trying to get through all of them before I die!



I love a good  competition… 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die… challenge accepted!

Paging through the book there were most of our favorite films already ( confirmation we have great taste in movies) , and great short descriptions of many we haven’t viewed yet .  Of course, my primary concern is what culinary feast to pair with each.  Will post pics of brilliant pairings when they happen.

2 thoughts on “Introductions!

  1. Well, I just finished Rolling Stone’s top 500 albums. Years ago, my wife and I did Entertainment Weekly’s Top 100 Movies, with hard to find films like Celine and Julie Go Boating or Sunrise. Now I’m trying to get my son to watch them, but he’d rather watch 30 Rock or West Wing. Which isn’t the worst, but when I rent To Be or Not To Be, or Duck Soup, I don’t want to rent them again and again. That’s why I can’t buy the 1001 book, it’d be too much for me.


    1. Absolutely…. This sort of guides the consumption of media in a direction that makes for a great deal more curated and intellectually adventurous viewing. That said, I am sure one of us are going to have a difficult time when we get to Texas Chainsaw Massacre (not me), and another of us will be rolling our eyes through the six-hundredth viewing of The Lion King and making it through all three Toy Story films (maybe me). The great news is that the public library system has been incredible with keeping up with Criterion purchases, and I am thinking that we may only have a hard time finding a few of the obscure foreign films that might be out of print and not Criterion.

      I did just check out EW’s list and it looks like all of those are on there…. That said, the most adventurous on the list might be 8 1/2, so it plays it pretty safe. That said, I could watch Citizen Kane, Dr. Strangelove, Pulp Fiction, 2001, and Double Indemnity over and over and not get sick of them.

      The 500 Albums list is impressive. That would be something I would really stress out about appreciating entirely. I will check it out.

      We are thinking of this taking a long time. We discussed this – if we were to watch one film a week, and we use the new list which is closer to 1200, it is going to take us many years watch all of them… Luckily, we see this as a very long term project.


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