The Neverending Story & Labyrinth 30th

We were lucky to have the opportunity to head to our local cineplex the past two weekends and see The Neverending Story and Labyrinth in a gigantic digital glory that wasn’t even available when they were first released. Stunning, gigantic, bold, beautiful, and magical, these films defined our childhoods in many ways – not to mention that the practical effects available in the films are not only still relevant, but can hardly be replicated by what the industry attempts to achieve with computers.

Both films came with an extensive documentary before the show, The Neverending Story’s doc beating out Labyrinth’s by a lot. This was very disappointing since The Neverending Story’s was so great, and the fact that Bowie left us this year, but the good news is that there are some great mini-docs on both Labyrinth and The Neverending Story available (click!)…and stuff like this still happening three decades later.

Still, to experience this with our son in the theater on the big screen with amazing sound was a beautiful experience. We own both films, we’ve seen both countless times, we know every word, but there is simply nothing like seeing this on the big screen with big sound in a dark room with strangers. The magic, the wonder, the mystery, the butterflies… It was still very much all there. Unforgettable. These films are not in the 1001 book at all, but should be – the groundbreaking production value, gorgeous scores, and…ok the nostalgia…but these films at the top of our list of life movies. They’re fun, technically mesmerizing, and appeal to all ages. The transitions are weak and bizarre, but so what? We still greedily devour them every time.

Thanks, Henson. Thanks, Bowie. Thanks, Ende. Your work changed the world.

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