January Update!

We’re currently catching up on editing and posting a few reviews from last year, and have at least two new ones coming up very soon!

While you wait, make sure to check out a couple of new features of the site that we’ve also been working on to start the new year!

First, we added the “Movie Posters By Me” link in the menu above. This is a side project that Garrett is doing with the oldest child where he is asked to illustrate a movie poster and describe a film he has never seen. The films? You’ll have to watch a few of the short clips to find out. It’s creative, funny, and a quick diversion from real life.

Second, we added the “Extras” section of the site. Here you will find all kinds of new extras to the site that don’t seem to fit anywhere else. This includes a permanent link to the Theme Song Music Video, as well as the storyboards, original lyric notes, and downloadable MP3 or M4a of the song if you want to take it with you. You’ll also find links to places online where we’ve found external references to our site – including the newest, three citations on the Wikipedia page for Shaye Saint John. There is also a collection of other stuff you might find interesting about the site, our films, or us.

Stay tuned for a 2017 full of great films!

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